Saturday, 4 April 2020

SOS Moria

A month ago, no one predicted the magnitude of the virus epidemic that is now gripping the world. I wrote about breaking the silence around Idlib in Syria, and about Greece, which has been turned into the European dumping ground for unwanted refugees.

We are now seeing a consequence of the European aversion to refugees: a potential source of contamination has been created that is unparalleled. As everyone in Europe is being urged to self-isolate and practice social distancing, tens of thousands of people locked up in Greek refugee camps waiting for an epidemic that will endanger not only them, but us as well.

Social distancing in Camp Moria? Forget it.
A horrifying example is Camp Moria on the isle of Lesbos, where 20,000 people are penned like cattle instead of the 3,000 for which the camp is intended. Yesterday I learned of SOS Moria, an initiative of thousands of doctors, who are urging Europe's rulers to evacuate Moria and other camps, get them out of there and give them a safe refuge:

Something needs to be done urgently, yet Europe still chooses to look the other way, hiding behind EUR 2 or 3 billion in emergency aid already given to Greece to solve the European problem.

The refugee drama plays a leading role in my novel De Batavier (The Batavian). As an author and as a person, I cannot and will not stay silent about European heartlessness and xenophobia. 
Something - must - be - done.

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