Sunday, 23 December 2018

New book to be published in Dutch

My first book De Batavier will be published in Dutch, in March 2019, by Palmslag publishers. The title translates as The Batavian. There is an English translation available for prospective publishers in English.

An impression of The Batavian:

Thirty-one-year-old sailor Mark Schouten loses his job as a Second Mate due to ill-health. As he is convalescing from an operation he receives an inheritance and buys an old wooden schooner named De Batavier, which he restores and sails to the Mediterranean. At the end of his journey near the Turkish coast he rescues a group of Syrian refugees from the sea, who have been drifting in a leaking inflatable.

The rescue and the ensuing events change his life once again. Back home following his voyage he rebuilds his life, but the memory of a Syrian woman in the group he rescued from the sea keeps haunting him. He goes on a quest to find her in the chaos of the refugee crisis in Greece.

cover design by Palmslag publishers

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