Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The Batavian published in Dutch

Today, 140 copies of my book De Batavier (The Batavian in Dutch) were delivered on my doorstep. The remainder is in store with the publishers, Palmslag in Groningen, for distribution to bookshops and through their own webshop. My copies will be used during presentations and for distribution in local bookshops.

It is a strange feeling to physically hold your book in your hands for the first time, 290 close-typed pages, and despite all my previous doubts it looks good. When I read back a passage it feels all right, a sense of accomplishment if you like.

Next Saturday I will formally launch the book at the Public Library (BplusC) in Leiden, as announced elsewhere, and in three weeks’ time I will repeat it at De Kler Booksellers, Breestraat, Leiden. My speech has been written. This is the end result of several years of writing, having it edited and published. I hope the book will be a success and give many hours of reading pleasure to my readers.

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