Wednesday, 10 July 2019

A visit to Vlieland

During this year’s sailing cruise we sailed our boat Manokwari to the northern islands again. Here is a report on our visit to the isle of Vlieland. The approach from the south takes you almost out to sea in the Terschelling sea entrance. Persistent north-westerly winds had set up quite a swell, which even makes itself felt behind the sandbars out to sea. The tide helped us along on the final leg, as can be seen in the chart track below:
The track of our final approach through the Terschelling sea entrance
As we sailed north, well reefed against a force 4 gusting 5, the sky showed a weather change in the offing:

Sailing on a northerly course
That same evening my spouse made the photos below, showing a wild sky, and the last one who came in on the evening tide:
Vlieland harbour at dusk (Henriette Schalkwijk)
The last one in with the tide (Henriette Schalkwijk)
Vlieland is famous for walking and cycling. The lonely beaches, the dry sandy soil, the pine woods and and the sheltered shore on the landward side offer a variety of plant life:

Thistle in full bloom
Man Friday discovered by Robinson Crusoe on a lonely beach?
A visitor to Vlieland is the British motor yacht Amazone, formerly named Mermaiden, which took part in the Dunkirk evacuation of 1940.

Amazone, formerly named Mermaiden

The cold northerlies and some showers persisted during our stay. After a few more days we returned to the mainland at Harlingen. Here is the flaming sunset on our final day here:

The isle of Vlieland plays a minor part in two of my books: The Directive and Two Fathoms Down.

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