Friday, 8 October 2021

An interview

Some time ago, my literary agent Hanneke van de Water came up with the idea to interview me on camera, on board my boat in Andijk marina, Netherlands. My novels are largely set against a background of seafaring and yachting, so the boat was a good choice as a setting for the interview, which took place in September 2021. 


The interview naturally is in Dutch, but it is subtitled in English for my English speaking readers. Hanneke interviews me about the pair of books already published in Dutch - The Batavian and The Cargo - and asks about the third one, Two Fathoms Deep, which will soon be published in Dutch as Drie Meter Zand.

We discuss my approach to writing in general, how these stories take shape inside my head and where I get the inspiration. And the reason why I also publish in English even though being Dutch.

The interview touches on many things not readily appreciated by the public, such as the uphill struggle for any new novelist to compete with established bestseller writers, who after all started as new authors themselves. Another subject we go into is the need for research before you write.

A very relaxed personal account which I hope will appeal to my readers. 

My books (The Batavian, The Cargo, and Two Fathoms Deep) are available in English from Kindle Direct Publishing. For the moment they are only available in digital format, but paperback versions are being prepared.


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